Simple & Sweet Style

Simple Style with a unique Sweet touch


Well, If you know me, you know that….I am a fan of the “casual” style. If I could have it my way & not be cynically judged, I would wear Yoga pants & a sweat shirt every day. I personally think that if we all did this, we would thrive & have our quest for never ending happiness fulfilled. Some people think it makes you look “Lazy”, but toss those fuzzy slippers aside & put on some Athletic shoes and BAM!!! You look like you just worked out & therefore being productive & therefore giving off the impression you actually give a shit. But anyway, this lead me to create a style method that involves using Simple & Casual pieces & adding a lil’ sweetness. What I mean by “Sweetness” is your interpretation of your unique style;  your “personal” touch. Lets Break down this Simple & Sweet Style Look.

Basic White Tee: Every one needs one. Me? I need like, 20. because I love pouring, throwing, and rubbing anything that has ‘great’ stain properties on them. Not on purpose, it’s my alter ego trying to sabotage me. You can usually find em’ for cheap on Amazon. 

Jean Shorts: I only lived in the 80’s 3 years, but hey, let’s bring back the High-wasited shorts for “old-time sake” anyway. I love the Acid- Wash look too.

Shoes: I love Vans. This lavender hue is great for spring & summer time. I love this Leather laces too.

Bag: Leather bags are worth the splurge. I picked up an Italian leather Satchel one time from Free-style Clothing (Thrift Store) for $20- best find EVER! So if you do not have the budget for “splurging”, Go Thrifty- it’s always worth a peak.

Jewelry: Love this Gem Pendant & it ties together with  the Lovely Lavender Vans.

Beauty: As you know, I love the Sweet & Simple Scent of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Add some Glam with some Gold Sparkly nail polish.

// Get the Look //

// Basic White Tee: Amazon // High-Waisted Shorts (similar) : Forever 21 // Shoes: Purple Vans  & Leather Shoe Laces // Leather Tote (similar) : Etsy; Sord // Necklace: Love Bullets //

Luv, Scout



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